what’s this all about?

Colombia, February 2016. Image by GoKateShoot.

what’s the green chest?

the green chest was a place of mystery nestled in a dark nook of my Nana Y.’s hallway. Sheltering books and heirloom linens, it awaited my new-reader fingers on hot summer weekends. For years, I pried open the solid cedar lid to unearth dusty Little House on the Prairie paperbacks. the green chest held infinite possibilities during a time when time didn’t matter.

This blog is a place to hold my reflections and discoveries, an attempt to recreate the welcoming and infinite space the green chest once held.

A note re: images: Unless otherwise noted, images on this blog are original, taken by me, typically with my trusty iPhone. Please ask permission (yarbroughshannon [at] gmail [dot] com) before using!


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