Author: Shannon

  • Izzie at the Aquarium 

    Izzie at the Aquarium 

    This little poetic thing fell out of me and I wanted to share. Izzie at the Aquarium  “She’s fearless,” my mother-in-law says about my 17-month-old daughter, watching her walk through the crowded Georgia Aquarium without looking back. Her doting father – my doting husband – trails her with the camera, imploring, “Look at the fish.”…

  • On Mothering, Before Our First Mother’s Day

    On Mothering, Before Our First Mother’s Day

    May 9, 2017 Dearest Isadora, Today you fell off the bed. For the record, it was your father watching you, but also for the record, it could have just as easily been me. See, you learned to tumble what seems like overnight. Just a few days ago, you rolled slightly to the left, and several…

  • Your Guide to Good Gift Giving

    Your Guide to Good Gift Giving

    Source: Your Guide to Good Gift Giving Today is an exciting Friday! SolDesign launched a new, gorgeous website and I wrote a post for it! (Well, I wrote a couple of posts, but this one is my favorite.) The idea for a guide to “good” gift giving has been brewing for a few years. Celebrations and holidays have…