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  • Your Guide to Good Gift Giving

    Your Guide to Good Gift Giving

    Source: Your Guide to Good Gift Giving Today is an exciting Friday! SolDesign launched a new, gorgeous website and I wrote a post for it! (Well, I wrote a couple of posts, but this one is my favorite.) The idea for a guide to “good” gift giving has been brewing for a few years. Celebrations and holidays have […]


  • An outpouring of love

    Just days before I left for Cambodia, I attended one of the loveliest, love-rich weddings I’ve ever been to. It was on Block Island, Rhode Island and the honored couple is my gorgeous friend Anna and her now-husband Ben. Words can’t do the ceremonial weekend justice, but I’ll try. I’ve often described Anna as my most […]

  • woo-hoo!!!

    This was a sweet email to receive from ever-encouraging I (somehow) resisted DBF’s awesome temptations this weekend and deposited $35 worth of savings in my account to complete my goal. After some eye-opening, heart-wrenching and hilarious author presentations, I have added this, this and this to my list of potential holiday gifts! As if […]