my first temptation isn’t an apple

My first temptation to spend money on unnecessary delights arises shortly after I accept the Challenge. This temptation is a church yard sale. But not just any church yard sale. The Mother of Church Yard Sales.

They welcome everyone. And everyone comes.

I woke up at 6AM Thursday morning (prime yard sale time) to check out the goods before work. I found these treasures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An arts festival poster from my birth year? That’s meant to be. A vintage Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, complete with pictures? Yes, please! A handmade collage honoring women’s role as mothers? What a perfect conversation starter. And a slouchy sofa with a bold black and floral print? I wouldn’t even need to re-cover that. (That’s saving money, right?) I could find a place for every one of those items. (Except maybe the mattresses–they just made a lovely printed stack.)

For as much temptation as I felt, I’m proud to report that I succeeded in window shopping. I must admit that I still covet these items, but that $1,000 is calling my name.

As a reward to myself for resisting these goodies, I’m depositing $15 into my savings account.


2 responses to “my first temptation isn’t an apple”

  1. I love, love, love your slideshow of yard sale photos!

    My grandma and I would leave at 7 am to hit the best garage sales when I was little. She would give me 5 bucks and complete freedom to buy what ever stole my heart. What a great memory-jolt.

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