why I lurve the USA

1. Watermelon. This heavenly fruit is entrenched in my upbringing. It is the one food I cannot live without.

watermelon slice

2. Cultural diversity.

3. Smoke-free restaurants.

4. HOPE. (Ok, Obama.)


5. Freedom to travel. (An American passport, or confirmation of American citizenship, is more coveted than I can ever fully realize.)

Rio de Janeiro
Oh, hello Rio. (Photo credit: Elisha Clark, Lennart de Lange, or me)

6. Emphasis on independence and goals.

I didn’t realize how American goal-setting can be, but a lovely Swedish friend from my study abroad days in Buenos Aires told me with a hint of disdain that only Americans think so much about what we want to accomplish in the future. We attempted a friendly debate in broken elementary Spanish about the value of goals, and essentially agreed to disagree.

7. Antique stores. Yard sales. Thrift stores. (The more eco-friendly version of our love of stuff, perhaps?)

yard sale
A few treasures from my grandparents' 2010 yard sale.

8. City vs. rural vs. suburban vs. cold vs. hot options to live and work—our nation is so diverse, I can live anywhere and do anything.

Roadtrippin' across the U.S. Midwest, October 2010

9. Small liberal arts women’s colleges. (And one in particular.)

Agnes Scott College
Agnes Scott College

And of course,


Happy 4th! What’s your list?


2 responses to “why I lurve the USA”

  1. My materialistic self immediately cries, “24-hour pharmacy chains and huge grocery stores!” (I swear when you live abroad you will only get sick on Sunday when the pharmacies are closed). I agree with almost all of your choices (except the Katy Perry video 😉 ), but must add customer service. There are many, many cultures where this concept doesn’t even exist.

    • yes, so true re: customer service! Although there is something very nice about sitting at a cafe for a few hours without getting dirty looks from servers for not ordering anything… but I suppose that fits under another category of service. And there is quite a bit of convenience in the US of A, even beyond grocery stores and pharmacies, now that you mention it. Drive-thrus and to-go boxes come to mind.

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