a summer classic

Confession: I’m really struggling with the don’t-buy-clothes rule. I didn’t realize I’m so interested in clothing, but Decatur has the cutest boutiques. I walk past them every day and read about them, too. They’re hard to resist.

But I am resisting.

One thing that’s pulling me through is a Scoutmob coupon for one of my favorite local stores, Squash Blossom. That means any time between now and September 14, I can get 50% off. I’m saving this for when I collapse and decide to spend on something cute for Rio.

I’ll clearly need baggy beach pants:

Classy mismatched prints:

And insect jewelry:

But I digress. This post is actually about saving money on clothing, rather than spending it.

For the first time ever, I made cut-off jeans. Yes, first time.

I thought it would be difficult. It scared me to cut into solid fabric that I was so used to seeing. Questions raced through my mind: What if I need these jeans, these particular jeans? (Ya know, because I don’t have enough pants already.) What if I get cold? What if a snowstorm blows through my house and these are the only pants left that I can wear? Weren’t these jeans made into pants for a reason?

But I did it:

I love the result:

In fact, I love them so much I wear them every weekend. Yeah, that’s saving.

Total Savings (average amount I’d pay for shorts): $30


4 responses to “a summer classic”

  1. I bought that exact pair of shorts for $25 2 weeks ago. You owe me that money for not posting this sooner, so that only leaves you $5 in savings. 😉

  2. I love the shorts!!
    Next step (should you find yourself in the midst of an unprecedented heat wave and need of even shorter shorts)– experiment with bleach.
    Step after that– make a skirt using old jeans. This requires some sewing, but minimally so. Making a cut-off jean skirt is a great (and easy) first step into making your own fashion.
    Keep up the good work not buying clothes and save that money to get your baggy beach pants IN Rio!

    • awesome ideas! you are the one who inspired me to make cut-offs in the first place. I watched you do it in the kitchen one time and I was in awe.

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