The Time is Now (!)

Friends! The time is here. Tomorrow at 9AM, I’ll be off to Vermont for training with EIL, marking the first trip in my personal travel season. (That’s an inside joke… with myself. “Travel season” is the industry term in the college admissions arena for visiting crazy amounts of high school fairs. I just wrapped up a temporary position as an admission counselor, so I won’t be doing that kind of travel season!)

Goodbye America!
Goodbye America!

The time before travel is so nice. There’s a deeper urgency to schedule visits with friends and tell them how much you love them. There’s a general feeling of anticipation and excitement. And for me, there’s also a glimmer of minimalist bliss in the packing process. I love stuff, but I love packing light even more.

Part of my minimalism in this trip includes technology. The only item I’m taking to France is my [cracked] iPhone [4] with a little extra international data for maps and pictures. I do plan to use Instagram profusely while in France – follow me for updates here. We have an exciting itinerary, including Paris, Saint-Raphaël, Nice and Monaco! Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest here for some pre-gaming gorgeousness.

As tempting as it is to splurge on a Macbook Air before this trip, my budgeting angel is prompting me to make do and see where blogging inspiration and innovation comes from. Hang with me!

And speaking of budgeting, have you noticed I haven’t talked about that in-depth yet? I’ve made some big decisions to afford half a year of no full-time work.  I haven’t revealed to everyone yet that I’ll be living with my grandparents for two months in between France and Cambodia. Moving my things into their sweet 50’s ranch home this weekend helped that decision sink in. For those who know my grandmother, she’s a firecracker and could outwork a workhorse. She already had me mowing her lawn in between moving things from my car into her house.

Nana's flowers. This beauty doesn't happen without work.
Nana’s flowers. This beauty doesn’t happen without work!

Whatever to earn my keep, right?

I’ll be in touch, but before the next post, please enjoy this song I’ve played on repeat while packing. Song and video both are by Atlanta musician Gareth Asher:

À bientôt!


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