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  • Izzie at the Aquarium 

    Izzie at the Aquarium 

    This little poetic thing fell out of me and I wanted to share. Izzie at the Aquarium  “She’s fearless,” my mother-in-law says about my 17-month-old daughter, watching her walk through the crowded Georgia Aquarium without looking back. Her doting father – my doting husband – trails her with the camera, imploring, “Look at the fish.” […]


  • Your Guide to Good Gift Giving

    Your Guide to Good Gift Giving

    Source: Your Guide to Good Gift Giving Today is an exciting Friday! SolDesign launched a new, gorgeous website and I wrote a post for it! (Well, I wrote a couple of posts, but this one is my favorite.) The idea for a guide to “good” gift giving has been brewing for a few years. Celebrations and holidays have […]

  • On Preparation and Puppies

    I’ve been reading an amazing blog from another Harpswell resident/traveler, Jen Kraska. She’s writing about coming home as I’m preparing to leave. Having just come back from a very brief but very intense experience myself, I can relate on some level, and it brings up all kinds of emotions. For one, her pup passed just […]