On Preparation and Puppies

I’ve been reading an amazing blog from another Harpswell resident/traveler, Jen Kraska.

She’s writing about coming home as I’m preparing to leave. Having just come back from a very brief but very intense experience myself, I can relate on some level, and it brings up all kinds of emotions.

For one, her pup passed just before she left. My heart really goes out to her, even though we don’t know each other.

I’ve never had a pet of my own other than a beloved beta fish in college. But somehow that just changed. This little one wandered into my life a few weeks ago, the first day I stayed with my grandparents after France.

Oliver Monet Beignet, Day 2

Doesn’t he hurt your heart? He’s that cute.

He sat for a full day on my grandparents’ patio coated in fleas, malnourished and trembling. That evening, the neighbors and I gave him a bath, I acquainted him with the vet, and he’s been making the rounds to see everyone and everything in my life since. We’ve gone to North Georgia to visit my sister at camp, Alabama to visit the cousins, the office to see my coworkers, and even my meditation class. He’s a natural traveler.




Now I’m here, prepping to leave, with intentional plans to make no plans, and there’s this little one.


I’ve brainstormed everything to the point of making myself a little ill. Who can keep him? Can I keep him? Can dogs travel to Cambodia? Am I being unfair? Why are we so in love? Part of me thinks all of this thinking is totally silly. Except that it also seems completely normal. How do you choose to leave everything when you travel? It’s so worth it, every time, and luckily I have a great deal of support in my life –friends, family and even colleagues who are excited for this journey. But there’s so much here, too. My life is so abundant.

Treatment by Francis Matia Styons of SolDesign!
Treatment by Francis Matia Styons of SolDesign!

I’m taking things with Ollie day by day, and even though she said she won’t, I’m openly hoping my sister will change her mind and keep him while I’m gone. (Hey Lauren!)

Until then, I’ll do my best to let it all unfold.

*UPDATE* A friend I traveled to Europe with in high school reached out to me over Facebook after reading this post. We hadn’t talked in about 10 years! She lived near me in Atlanta, has two precious pups, and studies international medicine. She and her boyfriend offered to foster Ollie while I’m gone. On the first play date, Ollie fell madly in love with their year and a half old beagle named Ellie. (Ollie ♥’s Ellie!) It’s been the perfect match! 


5 responses to “On Preparation and Puppies”

  1. Oh my goodness! You must find a way to keep that little guy! I’ve loved following you and your travels. Keep writing!

  2. I totally like your site. I stumbled here from your article on idealistcareers[dot]org. yeah maybe i will find my next inspiration here!

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