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  • Occupy Love: Thoughts on Love and Travel

    Love is the expansion of the self to include the other, and that’s a different kind of revolution. There’s no one to fight; there’s no evil to fight. There’s no ‘other’ in this revolution. Sometimes I like to peruse indiegogo and kickstarter to get inspired. What better way to find new ideas than to see […]


  • how to make a rug out of t-shirts

    Remember that top-secret crafting project I mentioned? No? That’s OK. The time has come to reveal it! As part of my goal to make gifts rather than buying them, my housemates and I collaborated on a hand-woven rug to give to Manda, our housemate who was moving out. It is a farewell-we-love-you-don’t-forget-our-good-times gift. I did […]

  • anita bing on saving, budgeting and living life

    Now that I’m heading (or being forcibly pushed) into the final month of this savings challenge, I’d like to share some advice that my awesome, brilliant Certified Public Accountant and entrepreneurial friend Anita gave me about saving and budgeting. Her advice is truly excellent, and I’m going to try my hardest to follow it. ($600 to go!) Because […]