anita bing on saving, budgeting and living life

Now that I’m heading (or being forcibly pushed) into the final month of this savings challenge, I’d like to share some advice that my awesome, brilliant Certified Public Accountant and entrepreneurial friend Anita gave me about saving and budgeting. Her advice is truly excellent, and I’m going to try my hardest to follow it. ($600 to go!)

Because we’re learning so many new things together with Anita, I’d like to pose some Critical Thinking Questions for Video Comprehension:

1. How do we budget and live life at the same time?

2. What is Anita saving for?

3. How do I respond to her answer about facing Temptation? (Extra credit if you find this part funny, because I think it’s hilarious, but no one else laughed when I showed them the video.)



Thank you again Anita for your awesome tips!


5 responses to “anita bing on saving, budgeting and living life”

  1. Your cinematography is very chill. Easygoing captions that don’t break things up and you’re voice is soothing.

    • thanks Erica! I’ve noticed I like people being aware of the camera in the things I film so that nothing comes off as The Truth. Video sometimes makes things seem too important.

  2. So, I finally opened an account with after reading this post. Years of ‘get your finances straight’ talks and this was the straw that broke the camel´s back… this and my most recent job offer, for which, AMAZING as it is, I will be receiving minimum wage. Almost overnight budgeting has become a survival skill that I´m in desperate need to aquire. Let me just say that this blog is so relevant for people in our stage of life–I know there are tons of recent college grads in the same nascent stage of financial awareness. The most important thing I think you are doing, Shannon, is making it ok, comfortable and (magically) fun to TALK about money and financing. Taking away the scaryness is the first step to becoming informed and financially aware. Obrigada Shannonzinha.

    My one huge disappointment with– Brazil isn´t one of the countries registered with their site! As soon as I open my Brazilian bank account (one of the ways I will be saving money), the site will lose much of it´s financial relevance in my life 😦
    I understand that this may be difficult, seeing as how the major banks here are nationalized, BUT has got to get on it– in today´s international system, they´ve got to be plugged into banks around the world (and maybe they would like to hire me to be in charge of registering the Brazilian banks)!!

    Anddd thank you so muito for introducing us to your friend Anita. She is destined to be a mover and a shaker; I´mooking forward to following her career.

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