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  • woo-hoo!!!

    This was a sweet email to receive from ever-encouraging mint.com. I (somehow) resisted DBF’s awesome temptations this weekend and deposited $35 worth of savings in my account to complete my goal. After some eye-opening, heart-wrenching and hilarious author presentations, I have added this, this and this to my list of potential holiday gifts! As if […]


  • oh mama.

    This challenge is getting a little dire, my friends. Here’s a screen grab from my Mint.com “Budgets” section for the month of July. Can you guess what red means? Not good. To be fair (to myself), the over budget on the Mobile Phone category included an advance payment to my mother for my portion of […]

  • anita bing on saving, budgeting and living life

    Now that I’m heading (or being forcibly pushed) into the final month of this savings challenge, I’d like to share some advice that my awesome, brilliant Certified Public Accountant and entrepreneurial friend Anita gave me about saving and budgeting. Her advice is truly excellent, and I’m going to try my hardest to follow it. ($600 to go!) Because […]