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  • Health and Happiness: Week Two

    Hi y’all! This is the youngest member of the family I cook for, in front of the family’s gorgeous new stove: Such a stylin’ cutie! So how did that ol’ meal plan turn out last week? Here’s the rundown: The change-up: With some substitutions at Stephanie’s request, the Garlicky Roasted Lamb from last month’s print Southern Living morphed quite […]

  • Meal Plan Tuesdays: Join Me!

    Way back when, when I was diving into this whole budget thing, I asked a friend who happens to be a phenomenal accountant to counsel me on saving. She left an impression on me when she said: In order to save, you either need to make more money, or you need to cut down on […]

  • (grand)father’s day brunch

    Keeping with my handmade gift theme, Lauren and I decided to make our grandfather brunch for Father’s Day. I used a sweet brunch cookbook that my youngest sister gave me for Christmas: The menu: zucchini fritters with caramelized onions, doughnut muffins, bacon and fresh oj. We used fresh zucchini from my grandparents’ prolific garden: Nana […]