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  • how to make a rug out of t-shirts

    Remember that top-secret crafting project I mentioned? No? That’s OK. The time has come to reveal it! As part of my goal to make gifts rather than buying them, my housemates and I collaborated on a hand-woven rug to give to Manda, our housemate who was moving out. It is a farewell-we-love-you-don’t-forget-our-good-times gift. I did […]

  • drum roll please…

    Pinnacle Airlines’ newest flight attendant is… LAUREN! I was so lucky to see Lauren graduate from training last week in Memphis, TN. The plane ticket was sky high (heh), as in almost $600, because I bought it so late. I tried all the travel budget sites I know: Student Universe, Kayak, last minute travel, Orbitz […]