drum roll please…

Pinnacle Airlines’ newest flight attendant is…


I was so lucky to see Lauren graduate from training last week in Memphis, TN. The plane ticket was sky high (heh), as in almost $600, because I bought it so late. I tried all the travel budget sites I know: Student Universe, Kayak, last minute travel, Orbitz and more, but tickets were about the same across them all.

Despite this budget setback, it was worth it to see Lauren get her wings.

Me and Jana waiting in anticipation
woo hoo!!!!
Pinnacle Airlines wings


We saw a video of the class’s training and it was intense! Self-defense, (real) fire-fighting, screaming at (imaginary) hysterical passengers, and evacuating a full plane of (imaginary) people in under 90 seconds! For a sense of the intensity, check out this training video about Pinnacle’s business partner, Delta:

I’m so proud of Lauren for being in the top of her class. I have a perfect graduation gift in mind, but I’m not able to afford it quite yet. I decided to get a symbolic gift to take to the ceremony, complete with a cute letter-pressed card.

I wrapped the gift in a Pinnacle-colored scarf that I stole from our mother’s closet years ago.

Lauren quickly informed me the scarf does not meet the strict Pinnacle dress code.

But she loved it anyway.

Are you dying to know what the gift is?

Emergency chocolate! (Get it?)

Now that Lauren’s flossy and I’m broke, the only thing we have left to do is listen to Fergie.

Congrats again Lauren! Can’t wait to travel with you!


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