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  • woo-hoo!!!

    This was a sweet email to receive from ever-encouraging mint.com. I (somehow) resisted DBF’s awesome temptations this weekend and deposited $35 worth of savings in my account to complete my goal. After some eye-opening, heart-wrenching and hilarious author presentations, I have added this, this and this to my list of potential holiday gifts! As if […]


  • the b-word

    Not that one. (I don’t use that b-word unless I’m belting Alanis Morisette.) B as in Budgeting. (Or B as in Bleh.) How am I going to save $1,000 by Sept. 1? I have 6 paychecks between now and Labor Day. I can afford to put away $100 from each paycheck. That’s $600. I’ll have […]