the b-word

Not that one. (I don’t use that b-word unless I’m belting Alanis Morisette.)

B as in Budgeting. (Or B as in Bleh.)

How am I going to save $1,000 by Sept. 1?

I have 6 paychecks between now and Labor Day. I can afford to put away $100 from each paycheck. That’s $600. I’ll have to make up the other $400 through minimizing costs.

Thanks to, I know that most of my disposable income (excluding rent, utilities and student loans) goes toward food and shopping.



  • Eat in.
  • Eat out with coupons (I ♥ Scoutmob.)
  • Food share with my three housemates.
  • Consume less meat.
  • Use herbs and tomatoes from my (first!) garden.
  • Take full advantage of free food opportunities (leftovers from office lunches, dinner with the grandparents, events with food)


  • Make gifts rather than buying them (an addict should be able to start crafting, yes?)
  • Do not buy clothes. Repeat: Do NOT buy clothes.

Whatever money I don’t spend (i.e. $10 when I take lunch to work rather than eating out), I’ll deposit that amount in a dedicated ING Orange Savings Account (if you let me refer you, we’ll both get a cash reward). I’m using to track my savings goal.

There it is. While not exactly a Budget per se, it is a plan.

Do you have any savings tips or tricks? I’d love your help getting started!


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