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  • Manatee Love in Crystal River, Florida

    Manatee Love in Crystal River, Florida

    The magical experience of swimming with manatees in Crystal River, Florida.

  • An outpouring of love

    Just days before I left for Cambodia, I attended one of the loveliest, love-rich weddings I’ve ever been to. It was on Block Island, Rhode Island and the honored couple is my gorgeous friend Anna and her now-husband Ben.¬†Words can’t do the ceremonial weekend justice, but I’ll try. I’ve often described Anna as my most…

  • Scenes from Nicaragua (Or Heaven on Earth)

    I realize I never completed Story #1 before delving into Story #2 on this blog. Close friends: This news is old. But it’s so, so nice to revisit. Even though I saved my goal amount to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, I didn’t make it there. The day of my trip, my visa was…