Scenes from Nicaragua (Or Heaven on Earth)

I realize I never completed Story #1 before delving into Story #2 on this blog. Close friends: This news is old. But it’s so, so nice to revisit.

A post-hike hug at the top of Volcano Maderas in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

Even though I saved my goal amount to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, I didn’t make it there. The day of my trip, my visa was rejected due to an incorrect fee, and there was no way I could get around it. Long story. But what felt like a tragedy then quickly became a blessing: I switched my travel plans and hopped down to Nicaragua instead for a two-week tour with three close friends.

Nicaragua in a few words: Surprisingly affordable (even a super last minute plane ticket was only $600, compared to the $1000+ to get to Rio from Atlanta). Convenient. We hopped taxis to go most places, even between cities, because they were affordable and quick. It was practically like having a personal driver. Luxury! Gorgeous. Volcanoes with cloud forests, beach sunsets, hammocks at every hostel. Need I say more?

I decided to take three disposable cameras with me to Nica rather than my iPhone/digital camera. This helped me snap a moment, then dive back into the fun of it without becoming image-obsessed. Using the disposable also created a beautiful high-quality print that is so infinitely more satisfying than a digital shot. As a studio art major in college, I developed a deep love for film photography (pun intended!). I’m thinking about how to capture the essence of my time in Cambodia, and am wondering about taking my Dad’s old film Minolta. We’ll see!

These are some of my favorite images from Nica 2012:

Alisoncita outside the school at her Peace Corps site.
Alisoncita outside the school at her Peace Corps site in El Tuma.
Boat scene on a tour of an island with lovely homes.
A little lake time outside El Paradiso Hostel at Lago De Apoyo.
Freshly squeezed OJ in a bag for the boat ride to Ometepe.
Any hostel could look like this, but this is Finca Magdalena, an organic farm on Ometepe.
Some impromptu time with a feisty friend at Finca Magdalena. There’s an excellent story behind this pic–remind me to tell you if you don’t know it!
On our way up! Carita and me in the cloud forest of the Maderas volcano.
A little travel preparation, including Nica’s infamous Flor de Caña.
Cara and her leche agria, or fermented milk, a breakfast staple in Nica. (Think of it like yogurt!)
“Las cuatro” at our hostel in San Juan del Sur.
The balcony view at San Juan del Sur.
From the back of a truck on our way to surf (my first time!) at San Juan del Sur.
Surf beach!


Post-surfing beach bliss.
Tamales nicaraguenses. I can’t tell you how delicious these savory corn/meat combos are. I want one just looking at this pic!
The last dance at the hotel in Managua before heading home! xoxo

2 responses to “Scenes from Nicaragua (Or Heaven on Earth)”

  1. Looks like lots of fun. I have a friend from there. It is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Cambodia.

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