fact friday rio: feel-good vibes

Rio is a feel-good city.

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but my neck of the woods could use some feel-good vibes.

I’m dedicating each of these vibes to just a few of the lovelies in my life. Pick and choose your favorites, and let me know what you love!

For Courtney (and all of those young at heart):

From the Rio-based children’s illustrator Thalita Dol.

For Lauren and Jana (and all animated movie aficionadas):

For Erica and Marty Gras (and all Martha Stewart/summer cocktail-lovers):

Martha Stewart Caipirinha Limeade

Caipirinha Limeade from Martha Stewart.

For Dara and Elizabeth (and all dessert-lovers):

Passion fruit, almond and poppy seed cake from Technicolor Kitchen based on the Brazilian bolo de maracujá.

For Sarah Beth and Mary (and all fashionistas):

Anthropolgie April 2010

From Anthropologie’s April 2010 catalog photographed in Rio. Click here for more pics and information on the places pictured.

Anthropolgie April 2010

Recognize that museum?

For Emily (and all gardeners):

National flower of Brazil

The national flower of Brazil, Cattleya Labiata.

For Cara and Molly (and all humor-loving language/social media masters):

From a joke Brazilians played on the world via Twitter. (Click here for context!)

For Olivia and Maggie (and all traveling artists):

Highlights from Brazil by Nik Neves

Illustrated map: Highlights from Brazil by Nik Neves. Originally seen on They Draw and Travel. (Click to enlarge.)

What do you love?

Happy Friday!


15 responses to “fact friday rio: feel-good vibes”

  1. I love you! And your trip to Rio!
    If you want to get out of the house this weekend, just let me know. We’ll be running around the yard, but you’re always welcome to hang out and chat, make fun of us, etc. ❤

  2. Emily, that’s what I was going to say!

    I love how you gave me a little taste of Rio and how it influences pop culture. I can’t wait to see what your photos and experiences of Rio will be like!

  3. Ohhhh Shannon thank you! I love YOU! And when you come over, I’m totally making that drink… looks amazing and summery!

  4. I was wondering why I felt so upbeat lately. And to think I was just reading my latest Martha Stewart Living magazine last night in bed… (what can I say, I’m a wild woman)!

  5. lmao PERFEITO shannonzinha!! Obrigada for the laugh (HILARIO!) and for those good vibes 🙂
    we’ve got to start thinking of names for our trip album– diposible camera adventures perhaps?
    the sun is shining, the weather is sweet and so are you! energy is coming right back your way!
    te amo minha querdia!

    • obrigado amor!! You were in my dream last night. We were traveling and I did cartwheels in a giant empty room with red carpet. “Cartwheel” in portugues could be our title… (carrete das rodas?) I also like “the sun is shining.” besos!

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