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  • post o’ announce-ments!

    What a whirlwind few weeks. Have you felt it? End of summer/beginning of fall always seems like a whirlwind of some kind. Hurricanes included.   I’m stalling. I have announcements! Not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR tidbits of news! (Stay with me, the last is exciting!) ANNOUNCEMENT #1: I was laid off. (It […]


  • fact friday rio: a sigh what?

    Acaí juice needs a song, and I need your help.  Have you heard of acaí? I used to pronounce it “a sigh” but learned from my brilliant amiga Cara (who is in Brazil as we speak!) that it is actually pronounced a-sigh-ee. That same brilliant friend introduced me to Turntable Kitchen. Have you heard of […]

  • fact friday rio: a movie review

    You knew this was coming. Especially after that precious video from last week, how could I resist? I must give you an analysis of the animated film Rio, released in April and based on the wildlife trade in Rio de Janeiro (in case you thought it was based on body paint and sailboats from this […]