10… woops, 9 days

So there’s this cute sign next to this cute shop in my cute town. It has numbers that decline everyday. Today’s number is 9.

The sign is a countdown to a very big event in this little city: The Decatur Book Festival, now a Labor Day tradition.

The countdown has double meaning for me. The sign is also counting down to the end of this Challenge.


To reduce my stress, I’d love to focus on the Festival (the reward) and not on my savings (the work). I think you’d appreciate that, yes?

Shannon’s DBF Highlights

(Or, What Better Way to Celebrate the End of this Really Difficult Challenge)

The Keynote. If I listen to this couple speak, do you think I can soak up some of their cuteness and creativity? (I adore their website, so the talk must be great, too.)

WILDWOOD Colin and Carson

Jericho Brown. I was lucky enough to see this poet read at Agnes Scott. He’s an audience-charmer with stirring poems and a fantastic smile.

Jericho Brown smile
Told you so.


Representin’ the A. Thought-provoking sessions about my home city. Topics include race relations. (Luda’s interpretation of that topic below.)


Note: Luda is not a DBF speaker.

A little professional development. Social networking + Empowering people resistant to change + Atlanta Women for Business = opportunities galore!

A little personal development. Buddhist meditation and 15 years in Tibet? Yes, please.

Atmosphere of a Tibetan Monastery. Image by Wonderlane.
Atmosphere of a Tibetan Monastery. Image by Wonderlane.


And that’s not all… we can’t forget dessert. Baking on a budget + chocolate. (Enough said, right?)

Real Simple Cakes
I've been thinking about these all week. (Even though they aren't chocolate.) Images from realsimple.com.


By the way, did I mention that DBF is free? Except for the books and funnel cake of course.

Hope to see some of you there!


4 responses to “10… woops, 9 days”

  1. I applaud your use of Ludacris in this post. I think you need a little more ATL in this blog (even if we’re mostly focused on Rio 😉

    Also, great subtle shout out to Little Shop of Stories, who is generously providing me with Advance Reader copies a la material for MY blog *wink wink* *cough* theviewfromtuesday.wordpress.com *cough*

    Keep going Shannon! You can make it!

    • thanks court! And I agree… Either more Atlanta, or just more Ludacris. 😉

      And I adore your blog–everyone should check it out!

  2. I’m so glad you did this post, Shannon! It’s making me so excited for the book fest this year. I usually have a problem deciding which events to go to. I hope we bump into each other there! I’ll try to go to some of the sessions you’re going to!
    p.s. Congrats on being almost done with your challenge!!!

    • Thanks so much Lar! I’d love to see you at the festival! I usually change my mind at the last minute about what to attend, but these all seem pretty awesome.

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