fact friday rio: a sigh what?

Acaí juice needs a song, and I need your help. 

Have you heard of acaí?

I used to pronounce it “a sigh” but learned from my brilliant amiga Cara (who is in Brazil as we speak!) that it is actually pronounced a-sigh-ee.

Brilliant Cara in Brazil
Brilliant Cara in Brazil

That same brilliant friend introduced me to Turntable Kitchen.

Have you heard of it? If so, you’ll get that pun.

If not, it is a very cool blog that pairs music with food. You know, kind of like when you pair wine with food? Except they do it with music. I love that, especially since I can rarely decide what music I’m in the mood for.

So back to acaí (remember the “ee”).

Acaí is a dark purple berry found in the Amazon. It has the nutrition of a super food and the taste of Bubble Yum. Could there be a better combination? (Yes, it could taste like watermelon, but Bubble Yum somehow seems more Brazilian.) Acaí juice is served at juice bars in Rio.

acai berry
Acaí berry

So what connections am I making here? Cara had the brilliant idea to come up with a song to pair with acaí juice!

It needs to be something fun, healthy, child-like giddy and maybe a little deep to encompass the complexity of the acaí berry.

Here are my ideas, complete with appropriate justifications:

Happy Boys and Girls by Aqua:


because it makes me feel good no matter what mood I was in before. Any time can be Aqua time, just like any time can be acaí time.

Just Dance by Lady Gaga:


because I’ll be dancing in Rio, and needing to recover with acaí on the beach.

Solta O Frango by Bonde do Role (remember them?):


because it seems like a super Brazilian berry should have a super Brazilian song.

Smile by Keegan Smith:


because everyone at juice bars in Rio are relaxed and happy.

While I love all of these, I’m not sure any of these songs are really it though, ya know?

I need your help! Which song would you pair with acaí if you were drinking it on a beach in Rio? Leave your suggestions, complete with links and justifications, in the comments section.

I’ll conduct a rigorous, scientific testing process during which I chew gobs of Bubble Yum (because the real deal doesn’t seem available here) while listening to your choices. Next Friday I’ll announce who helped create the best experience!


6 responses to “fact friday rio: a sigh what?”

  1. Haha!! Ahhh this is brilliant! You are brilliant!
    Thank you for the shout outs!

    I’d love to give this magical fruit a name… but first some factoids to explain my musical selection:
    Açaí is a food for surfers, packed with vitamins, energizers and hydrating properties. So the song has to feel the rhythm of waves and get you moving.
    85% of world production of Açaí comes from Brasil. So the song also has to be exclusive to Brasil… aka- it must be a samba.
    The best way to eat açaí, in my humble opinion, is na tigela (in a bowl) where it resembles the consistency of frozen yogurt. So the song must be refreshing and complex.
    Açaí is said to be an aphrodisiac. So the song has to be sexy.

    Put all this together and…drum roll please……

    My official vote for Açaí’s theme song!
    The granola, bannana and honey on top (no cherries for this superfood, açaí na tigela is topped with the aforementioned delicacies): just insert Shannonzinha every time you hear Carolina 🙂

  2. love the idea of pairing music and food.
    and before you pick up that bubble yum– there is frozen acai at the dekalb farmer’s market. it’s not the whole fruit, but it’s blended and sold as a smoothie supplement (the brand is Sambozan). i’ve seen the smoothie packets at whole foods, too. you can also get acai juice there, too. probably sevenanda…

  3. I’ll go a slightly different route and make it romantic (very easy to fall in love with a new fruit).

    This song is about how being in love makes one feel child-like again; the lovers sing and dance together and the rhythm is slow enough to actually take a few swings around the kitchen with a glass in your hand and not spill! The title translates to “Old Childhood” (correct me if I’m wrong, Cara). It’s also written and performed by a Brazilian supergroup, which is very similar–I’m told–to a superfood.

  4. For me, it would have to be a Sergio Mendes song. Famous in the 60s as a classical, jazz, and bossa nova (a type of samba) piano player, his music has seen an increased interest with younger generations since he remixed with the Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am and other artists. I love the modern cultural twist with the classic music. TImeless is a fantastic album to dance to. My favorite track for acai would be Bananeira (“Banana Tree” – where Cara’s bananas came from!). Bananas go great with Acai and guarana over granola – and maybe with dried fruit.

  5. I love this idea, Shannon: music and food – so important and awesome together! Also, I remember Cara! Cath and I met her at an ASC event a few years ago – what a sweetie!
    I love everyone’s music picks! Emily introduced me to all the Sergio Mendes remixed songs and I luuurve those!

  6. Ok, I scoured my Itunes for inspiration and though its not exactly Brazilian, this song kept popping back into my mind. I think it has the sexy, effortless vibe that Acai juice (and Rio beaches) inspires. So…

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