post o’ announce-ments!

What a whirlwind few weeks. Have you felt it?

End of summer/beginning of fall always seems like a whirlwind of some kind.

Hurricanes included.


I’m stalling. I have announcements! Not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR tidbits of news! (Stay with me, the last is exciting!)

ANNOUNCEMENT #1: I was laid off. (It gets better.)

Due to some restructuring for growth, my position changed. I can’t give too many details, but let’s say I felt some anxiety about this savings challenge and my life.

(good news) My bosses were fantastic about it and hooked me up with ANNOUNCEMENT #2:

I’m now helping Atlanta’s Initiative for Affordable Housing get this fantastic start-up social enterprise off the ground. re:loom combines saving the environment, promoting the handmade movement, and reducing homelessness all into one fantastic organization. Bookmark us for news on a very, very exciting product launch coming this year!

Announcement #3: THE WINNER OF the green chest’s FIRST EVER CONTEST!

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath. I did go on a semi-frantic search for acaí (remember the “ee”), and emerged with something else instead.

It at least sorta looks like acaí…

Yes, it’s called Juiceman’s Juice. The pros: It’s freshly squeezed at my local farmer’s market and it’s the color of acaí. The con: It’s made from beets, not acaí.

I imagined the taste of Bubble Yum and the beaches of Rio, listened to your excellent suggestions and experienced the following:

Carolina (Cara): Listening to Carolina, I want to get up and dance! (Which, as you know, is rare for me…) Your selection is sexy, smooth, and makes me want to move.

Old Childhood (Elizabeth): You must know that I eat up sultry, nostalgic music. I can easily see myself slowly sipping on acaí while listening to this lovely Brazilian blend of voices. This song pairs well with my acaí counterpart: the seductive, rustic beet.

Bananeira (Emily): What a delightful mix of upbeat and relaxed! As I test this beet juice while working (oh yes, multi-tasking!), I can shake my shoulders and tap my feet and sip my juice and type all at the same time. I always love a good little dose of hip-hop influence!

Tell Me ‘Bout It (Courtney): This song wins the sexy vote. Partially because of the beat and uh-huhs, partially because I understand it. I would venture to guess that acaí wins a sexy vote in the fruit world.

This is obviously tough, but I can’t disappoint… the winner is…

Emily! Your selection combines Brazilian influence with fun, familiar sounds that help me imagine this beet juice is really acaí.

Cara, you were a very close second. Your selection wins the best post-drinking-acaí pairing contest. (If you disagree, I think we need to do a re-take while we’re in Rio!) Elizabeth, your choice was by far the best beet juice pairing–congrats! And Courtney, you win the awesome last minute participation prize.

Thanks all for being good sports and making this contest fun!

And finally, ANNOUNCEMENT #4

This blog was inspired by a savings challenge, right? The challenge is officially over THIS WEEKEND. Can you believe it? I can’t either.

I owe you an update!

After meeting a near zero bank account a couple pay periods in row,

and making communal meals with housemates,

oh housemate love

and resisting lovely new summer dresses and sandals,

and hanging with friends on our summer porch rather than the porches of neighborhood bars,

Toby, a good friend of the house

and cooking brunches,

and crocheting t-shirt rugs,

housemate quality time

and riding my bike rather than taking public transit,

and depositing a consistent $200 per paycheck into my lovely designated summer savings account,


I saved:

(breathe in)



(breathe out)

So if I can possibly resist $30 worth of books and fair delights at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend, I’ll be golden.


Thanks all for your awesome support through these past few months. I couldn’t have done it without you!


9 responses to “post o’ announce-ments!”

  1. uh oh, I’m worried about the siren call of the books at the book festival…it would definitely be my downfall. But other wise CONGRATULATIONS! Your savings are inspiring!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS SHANNON! What a great accomplishment! I look forward to channeling your hard work in my post-wedding/budget-apocalypse period. And HURRAH for Sergio Mendes – I was listening to Timeless just this morning and caught the word “favela” in one of the songs and knew what it was for the first time! Thanks Shannon!

    • hah, love that Em! My Fact Friday Rios actually taught something–woot! And girl, YOU are the inspiration for budgeting a wedding! I can’t wait to see how beautifully it all comes together!

  3. Congratulations Shannon! Your savings are truly inspiring to we impoverished twenty-somethings who must desperately learn to budget. I know that the savings challenge was difficult for you in many ways that the blogosphere isn’t even aware of, and this just goes to show what a strong, smart, kick-ass woman you are! Celebrate yourself!

    And thank goodness you can do just that in Rio 🙂

  4. Considering how rampant employment is (it’s spreading like Kudzu), I think it’s great that you persevered no matter what. When you get to Rio your victory will be that much sweeter.

    • thanks Erica! Rio has even more meaning to me now, especially since I thought for a second that I may need to put these savings into an emergency fund instead of a trip… I’m so thankful everything’s worked out so far.

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