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  • anita bing on saving, budgeting and living life

    Now that I’m heading (or being forcibly pushed) into the final month of this savings challenge, I’d like to share some advice that my awesome, brilliant Certified Public Accountant and entrepreneurial friend Anita gave me about saving and budgeting. Her advice is truly excellent, and I’m going to try my hardest to follow it. ($600 to go!) Because […]

  • the halfway mark

    I haven’t been looking forward to this post. I usually like checking in on my savings, but you see… I already know I’m a little behind. So this post is going to be part update, part inspirational talk. To myself. Please bear with me. Here we go. Dear Shannon: Budgeting can be a woodsy, uphill […]

  • Freedom

    I went skydiving. Skydiving was life changing for several reasons. I jumped out of a plane. I jumped out of a plane with my sister. I accepted death as part of life. I realized why I care about budgeting. I know the last lesson doesn’t sound like the most exciting, but hear me out. It […]