I went skydiving.

skydiving sky
Skydiving was life changing for several reasons.

  1. I jumped out of a plane.
  2. I jumped out of a plane with my sister.
  3. I accepted death as part of life.
  4. I realized why I care about budgeting.

I know the last lesson doesn’t sound like the most exciting, but hear me out.

It started last Christmas when I bought my sister Lauren a Groupon for skydiving. After building up 5 months of excitement, we finally made it to quaint Monroe, Ga.

I did not plan to join her in the jump, partially due to the cost of the ticket, partially due to the fact that it entailed diving out of a plane attached to someone with a parachute.

After we arrived, we watched a man with a long beard explain the waivers, complete with ambulance imagery.

skydiving waiver video

skydiving waiver ambulance
Then we waited for about 2 hours. To pass the time, I took lots of pictures.

skydiving plane

skydiving prep 1

skydiving prep 2

skydiving prep 3
Lauren's excited!

I also watched divers gracefully land and emerge with adrenaline glows.

Ten minutes before the plane took off, this man approached me. I’ll call him Ted. Ted asked if I wanted to jump out of the plane, too. I said yes, and then explained that I had just started a blog about a savings challenge and couldn’t afford the ticket.

Ted said the title must be the idonthavealife blog. Then he told me that this was the only chance I had to share a first tandem jump experience with my sister. A few minutes and a coupon rate later, I was signing the waivers. Then this happened:

This is me. On a plane. Jumping out.


I have few words to describe the experience. It is awe-inspiring and terrifying. I felt petrified and elated and confused and philosophical and dead and alive at the same time. The wind pressed my face and dried my mouth as I smiled for the camera. I was thankful to touch ground.

(So, why does budgeting matter?) Budgeting empowers me to pursue what I want in the realms of what I can afford so that I don’t get stuck in debt. Budgeting isn’t restriction; rather, it’s Freedom. And what better way to express that freedom than through jumping out of a plane?

When we landed, Ted asked me if the money I paid was worth it. At the same time, Lauren ran toward me with this smile:

Lauren skydiving smile.

Lauren skydiving smile 2.

Lauren skydiving smile 3.
That was worth it.


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