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  • On Preparation and Puppies

    I’ve been reading an amazing blog from another Harpswell resident/traveler, Jen Kraska. She’s writing about coming home as I’m preparing to leave. Having just come back from a very brief but very intense experience myself, I can relate on some level, and it brings up all kinds of emotions. For one, her pup passed just […]

  • On France and Transformation

    How do I possibly sum up the last month? C’est pas possible. (One of the French’s favorite phrases, I believe.) It was crazy and painful and magical and everything I wanted it to be. Our students are amazing. So curious, so open, so independent. Not completely at first, though. The one word I wanted to […]

  • The Top 11 Moods of an American High Schooler in Europe (circa 2003)

    More travel news, friends! I found out this past week that I’ve been selected to lead a group of high school students to France through The Experiment for three weeks this summer. I couldn’t be more excited! As I was looking for the good ol’ passport, I came across a box of photo albums with […]