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  • post o’ announce-ments!

    What a whirlwind few weeks. Have you felt it? End of summer/beginning of fall always seems like a whirlwind of some kind. Hurricanes included.   I’m stalling. I have announcements! Not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR tidbits of news! (Stay with me, the last is exciting!) ANNOUNCEMENT #1: I was laid off. (It […]

  • fact friday rio: a sigh what?

    Acaí juice needs a song, and I need your help.  Have you heard of acaí? I used to pronounce it “a sigh” but learned from my brilliant amiga Cara (who is in Brazil as we speak!) that it is actually pronounced a-sigh-ee. That same brilliant friend introduced me to Turntable Kitchen. Have you heard of […]